WalkFit Platinum Orthotics: No More Foot Pain?

The feet are among the most over-used parts of the body. They carry most of the body weight, and therefore it’s not surprising to know that the supporting structures such as joints and cartilages are worn out easily. Aging, as well as daily activities, greatly contribute to the wear and tear of these structures, and as a result, many suffer from foot pain. Everyone occasionally experiences foot pain which should just subside after a period of rest. However, if you don’t engage in any vigorous activities, and are not diagnosed with a specific medical condition which presents foot pain as a symptom, is it normal to experience continuous or repetitive foot pain?

It is not, so there might be some significant contributing factors which make the feet always tired and achy. Some of the identified factors which cause foot pain include problems in the legs, hips and even the legs. The pain in these areas of the body radiates to the feet, which is why it is perceived as foot pain. One way to address this problem includes the use of orthopedic footwear which may be prescribed and advised by an orthopedic doctor. But before utilizing the services of a specialized physician, which also implies higher expense, a lot of people get relief from foot pain by using specially designed insoles known as orthotics.

WalkFit Platinum Orthotics Total Pain Therapy

The use of shoe insoles was already proven as an effective relief for foot pain. Walkfit Platinum is a specially designed orthotic which provides the most efficient way to address foot pain. But what exactly are orthotics and what mechanism do they use to alleviate foot pain symptoms?

Orthotics are specially designed shoe insoles which function to restore the feet’s natural function. Many foot pain complaints do not have any organic cause, which means they were not caused by damage to the supporting structures in the feet or any medical condition. Rather, they are brought about by improper body movement. Complaints such as heel, knee, and lower back pain can be attributed to improper foot movement, and orthotics work by realigning the foot and ankle bones, back to their natural position to restore the proper foot movement. Once the proper foot movement is restored, alleviation of pain from other parts of the body which is indirectly caused by improper foot movements will follow.

By providing shock absorption, Walkfit Platinum distributes the body weight evenly all over the foot and takes the pressure from sore spots. This feature minimizes the effects of walking, running and even standing. Walkfit Platinum is scientifically proven to reduce pain levels in the feet, hips, knees and back an independent clinical study revealed that WalkFit Platinum technology relieved foot pain in 90% of users.

Currently, over 5 million men and women take advantage of the benefits of using Walk Fit Platinum. They walk, play and work pain-free as a result. Dr. Allen Selner, a Doctor of Podiatric Medicine and an expert in foot biometrics recommends the use of WalkFit Platinum. He said that by using WalkFit Platinum, the body is in better balance with stability and comfort. To enhance its pain relief function, Walkfit Platinum now has a new improved design. For advanced cushioning and shock absorption, a unique gel pad was added to the Bio-Lock heel cup. A reflexology massage insert was also made available to realign the spine and pelvic area reducing the knee, hip, and lower back pain.

Benefits of WalkFit Platinum As Cited By People Who Have Used Them

A lot of satisfied customers testify to the effectiveness of using Walkfit Platinum. Usage aligns the back and shoulders, relieves lower back pain and reduces stress on knee joints. It also balances the hips for easier movement and cradles the feet to improve stability.

Many customers can attest to the efficiency of Walkfit platinum in alleviating foot pains. But are there any downsides with this product? Our research shows that some customers have complained that Walkfit Platinum does not fit in some shoes though all we can say is that this is rare, and they seem to fit into almost all shoes.